What is your general satisfaction with Abilita’s services?

What are you most satisfied with regarding Abilita’s Services?

– Very attentive to our requests.
– Great job communicating and seeing things through
– Quickness in responding to requests
– Company’s desire to follow through with a project until it is done, even if the project takes months.
– Personal attention and quick response to email and calls
– Customer service, always returned calls/emails .
– Support of our external network providers
– Expertise, common sense, follow through, efficiency
– If any one thing it is the persistence with vendors in obtaining resolution to issues.
– Their capability and knowledge.
– Prompt answers to questions that come up during the year.
– Abilita provides an invaluable service to those of us without communication expertise. Abilita is consistent with pressure to make cost saving decisions in the nicest possible manner possible.

How likely are you to continue working with Abilita once the contract/project completes?

Yes! 33%
Likely 33%
Unsure 13%
Probably not 7%
Definitely not! 0%
Other: Yes, as needed 13%
           Yes, leaving no projects or complete


Derek Atkins2016 Client Satisfaction Survey