2020 Client Satisfaction Survey

What is your overall satisfaction with Abilita’s services?

What are you most satisfied with regarding Abilita’s Services?

  • Responds quickly| lays out goals and continues to follow up until complete| effectively resolves issues| always willing to help|
  • The expeditious and professional manner in which our telephone accounts are managed. We know we are receiving the most beneficial rates possible and under our current circumstances we are unable to seek out these offers and Abilita has taken over to help.
  • It is logical and easy to use| while maintaining robust programs that meet our needs.
  • Always take the time to respond and correct our account issues.
  • First it takes a time consuming task off my list and count on it to be done right. Second I have a well versed partner I can involve when looking at options.

How well do our services meet your organization’s needs?

How likely are you to engage Abilita in the future?

How responsive have we been to your questions about our services?

How likely is it that you would recommend Abilita to a friend or colleague?

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