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As an Abilita consultant, Eric Crawley, provides independent advice and expertise to help clients design and/or assess their current voice and data communications infrastructure. With over 35 years of communications engineering experience serving a number of vertical markets, he has the expertise and resources to provide expert advice to design, select, procure and implement unified communications solutions.

Eric’s consulting approach to technology assessment is unique: he focuses on the total business environment and how the technology affects your clients / customers. This approach involves considering not only the business requirements, but also the experience your clients /customers have who use the technology. The benefits of this approach are that he understands:

✓ The importance of defining the business requirements as the first step.
✓ The need to define the functionality of the current technologies, systems, and applications to leverage the investment already in place.
✓ The contribution of proper technology applications to an effective and efficient business enterprise.
✓ How to focus on serving your client /customer – how easily clients / customers can access your business and transact business with your company.
✓ The importance of benchmarking to identify “best practices” for short and long-term technology solutions.
✓ How the internal infrastructure will impact technology integration and utilization – working with you to develop plans that can be phased in to the organization and absorbed over time.
✓ Finally as an Abilita consultant, he understands the importance of being independent and vendor-neutral so that recommendations can be made in the best interest of the client, without being influenced by vendor commissions.

His Telecommunications Services include:

✓ Bill Review, Audit, and Recovery Services (wireline and wireless)
✓ Service and Equipment Assessment and Review
✓ Operations Management Services
✓ Voice & Data Network and Equipment Optimization
✓ Voice & Data Network infrastructure Analysis, Planning, Design and Project Management
✓ Cloud Communications migration services
✓ Advanced Contact Center planning and design services
✓ Unified Communications strategic planning and design services
✓ Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning and Implementation.
✓ Analysis, Planning, Design and Project Management of new Voice & Data Networks
✓ Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems Analysis, Needs Assessments, Carrier Negotiation, and Procurement
✓ Specific Telecommunications projects such as relocations

Businesses just can’t look at what’s new in technology, but rather the impact to its business, to its clients / customers, and how quickly it can be implemented in a resource constrained environment. Abilita specializes in helping organizations boost communications productivity while emphasizing cost-effectiveness. Our analysis measures the true cost of technology by calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We welcome the opportunity to use our expertise and long history of helping clients to help your company or organization. In the complex communications technology area, you can unburden your staff and add profit to your bottom line by assigning important telecom functions to an experienced specialist like Abilita.

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Independent and objective, Abilita represents you. Our experienced consultants are trained to identify the proper fit of telecom services for your business. Our recommendations are customized to suit your specific business goals and requirements.

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