Planning Guidelines – Data Network Upgrades

With corporate data usage growing exponentially and with a growing list of provider options available, it may be time to evaluate and upgrade your corporate data network.

Key Benefits

  • Increased bandwidth to reduce data bottlenecks.
  • SD-Wan for variable bandwidth to multiple locations depending on immediate network requirements for reduced costs and better throughput.
  • Possible reduction in costs through quotes from multiple vendors.
  • Identify the cost/benefit of contingency back-up for business continuity in the event of site or service disruptions.

Key Considerations – Planning Steps

  1. Evaluate your current and projected usage vs. your current network bandwidth, both for average and peak load times.
  2. Are there network congestion points interfering with communications to all sites? In this case, a move to the cloud may be a possible solution.
  3. Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for your company including Business Continuity strategies. Do you need a secondary route or supplier?
  4. Verify that your current provider has adequate redundancy for their services.
  5. Prepare an RFQ to get quotes from your current and alternate providers for your sites. This should include pricing options for multiple contract terms.

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Derek AtkinsPlanning Guidelines – Data Network Upgrades