Planning Guidelines – Telecommunications Audit: Voice, Data, Wireless

Key Benefits

  • Reduce your monthly communications costs
  • Identify options to improve performance and reduce bottlenecks (voice or data)
  • Identify options to improve mobile integration

    If you have not done a communications audit within the past 3 years,
    something will be out of date.

Key Considerations – Planning Steps

  1. What are your key objectives (see benefits above)?
  2. What service areas require improvement (capacity, back-up, less latency, mobile integration)?
  3. Prepare an inventory of your current accounts, lines and costs and contracts by site.
  4. Determine which circuits are redundant or no longer in use for cancellation.
  5. Check with each vendor for their most current rates for each service provided.
  6. Any required service should be placed under contract (1 to 3 years) for the optimum rate.
  7. Evaluate the opportunity to consolidate suppliers and request a quote.
  8. Prepare an implementation plan and timetable to cancel, re-contract, or reconfigure your services.

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Derek AtkinsPlanning Guidelines – Telecommunications Audit: Voice, Data, Wireless