The Sun is Setting on Older Phone Services

Are you aware?

  • old phone lines connecting legacy systems, fax machines, elevators, fire/security alarms are going away?
  • carriers may be gouging you for continuing to use the older technology such as PRI?
  • how this will impact your business ?

If you don’t know already, your plain old telephone service (POTS), copper lines and PRI circuits that plug into your phone system, facsimile machines, elevator lines, fire alarms and security systems are in the process of being phased out.

Instead of cutting services off immediately, your telephone provider may be substantially increasing their monthly rates, surcharges and other fees until you transition to other forms of technology. 

This means your telephone invoices may continue to rise, in some cases from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars.

We can help you tackle this: we will first assess the risks and timeline. Then we will identify possible alternative solutions that are more cost effective and provide additional technology benefits.

As the sun sets on this older technology, contact your Abilita Advisor to get started with a zero-risk review of your services to help you avoid costly surprises. 

admin@abilita.comThe Sun is Setting on Older Phone Services
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