Top 10 Times for a Communications Technology Review

It’s never a bad time to review your organization’s communications technology expenses, and never a better time to enlist the help of a specialist. That’s because there are certain milestones when not having a good handle on spending and inventory can result in the greatest financial risk.

Here are our top 10 scenarios for a communications technology expense review and inventory update:

  • Before a Move
  • After an acquisition or merger with another company
  • Upon Contract Renewal with Communications Service Providers (before and after)
  • After Closing a Site
  • When there are changes in Regulatory Charges
  • When moving from Premise to Cloud-Based Services
  • When Transforming Network Technology
  • When a New Person is taking over responsibility for Communications Technology Management
  • When changing to a new Data Center Provider
  • When Employees Work from Home

For more details and what you might want to consider: download our Top 10 Times whitepaper. To get started now, contact your Abilita Advisor to get started with a zero-risk review of your technology systems and services.

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