Managing Mobile Effectively

The cell phone has been with us for 50 years – the first mobile call made by Martin Cooper in 1973! A novelty used by only a few has become a necessity for all. With mobile devices now depended upon for voice communications, email, video, internet access, and internal corporate communications and systems, they are an essential part of our everyday lives both professionally and personally.

With such widespread use and reliance on mobile, it’s easy for expenses to balloon. Whether an organization has a few devices or hundreds, it is critical to monitor and manage the costs associated with the services, both for company-owned devices provided to employees and employee-owned devices that are permitted to access corporate resources (BYOD).

A Wireless Expense Management (WEM) program defines the process of monitoring and controlling the costs associated with a company’s wireless services and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and data plans. Implementing a WEM plan provides several benefits:

Cost savings
Tracking and analyzing wireless usage can identify areas where costs can be reduced, such as unused or underused services and plans, as well as opportunities to negotiate better rates with carriers.

Improved efficiency
Wireless operations can be streamlined by automating tasks such as ordering, tracking, and paying for wireless services.

Enhanced security
Monitoring and controlling access to wireless devices and services helps detect and prevent fraudulent activity and ensure compliance with company policies.

Insight and accountability
Visibility into how wireless devices and services are used across the company allows for well-informed decision-making and optimization of resources.

Implementing a Wireless Expense Management program can provide insight into wireless usage, save money, and improve efficiency. We have helped countless companies implement WEM programs. Here are the steps we follow:

1. Conduct a thorough analysis of the organization’s current wireless usage to identify areas of high usage and potential cost savings.
2. Establish policies for the procurement and management of wireless services and devices, including guidelines for employee usage and reimbursement. Don’t overlook the need to have a plan in place to manage international calling and avoid exorbitant charges if employees are allowed to use phones for personal calling.
3. Deploy the WEM program company-wide and provide training on policies and procedures for all employees.
4. Continuously monitor the WEM program to ensure it is achieving the company’s goals and objectives and make any necessary adjustments to improve its effectiveness.
5. Include procedures for either cancelling service or re-provisioning phones when an employee leaves the company.

Contact Abilita for assistance in developing a WEM program or mobile device policies. Our expert consultants can customize a plan to meet your individual business needs.

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